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Admire centuries - ancient fortresses, a stroll through a compact old town with cobbled streets lining Georgian townhouses, and kayaking down the tranquil River Shannon are some of the fun things to do.

If you live in Limerick, the easiest way to join the Limerick Kayak Club is to enjoy the historic beauty of Limerick City while paddling down the River Shannon. Or you can combine these activities with a piece of culture and connect with the locals when planning your itinerary. There are 18 amazing things to do in Ireland's second largest city and one of the country's most popular tourist destinations, so go to Limerton without a guide, but these 18 things to do in Limerton will get you off to a great start.

If you live in a neighbouring city, there are some of the best day trips you can make to Dublin, Cork or Galway. Our guide provides a list of the best things to do in Limerick City and the rest of the county of Limerton, so arm yourself with the knowledge to have a good time in this fascinating city and do the absolute best you have done.

Drive to Limerick Cliffs of Moher (read our Ireland route) and then on to Galway. The 64 km route follows the River Shannon northwest and the second stop takes you to a place that often tops our list of the best things to do in Ireland's most beautiful city.

The Burren in County Clare and Ailwee Caves are both less than an hour from Limerick City, making them a good choice for a weekend getaway from the city centre. Located on the west coast of Ireland in the heart of the most beautiful city in the country, Limrickland, the location of the place is easily accessible via main roads. The Radisson Blu Hotel and Spa Limickland can be reached from Dublin by train, with a return ticket starting at 40 euros. Getting to Dublin by train: The train from Dublin to Limerick takes just over 2.5 hours, return tickets are available for 30 euros, while the train from Dublin to Limerick takes just over two hours (return journey) and a few minutes to return, including train changes at Limerton Junction, to reach both Dublin and Limeric City by train.

If you fancy water and want to learn more about Limerick City, try Limerick City Kayaking Tours. Head to the River Shannon with Get West Limrick Adventures and see for yourself as you learn about the city's history.

Some of the ideas for free activities in Limerick may include a car ride, but if you want something different, visit a new area or do something you enjoy in Limerick.

The Foynes Flying Boat Museum is an easy day trip from Limerick City and one of the city's most popular tourist attractions. The Limerick Kayaking Tour is a great opportunity to see the sights and sounds of Limrick City from a completely different perspective.

It describes how important Ireland and Limerick have been to Europe and Ireland for centuries. It has an interactive area that makes the castle a good activity for children in Limrick. The St. John's Castle Museum, one of Ireland's most popular tourist attractions, is located next to St. John Castle.

This prestigious restored house is a great example of how Limerick's elite lived in the not-so-distant past. In 2014, Limerick was Ireland's first national city of culture, and artistic activities go far beyond grandma's days.

Landmarks from the Middle Ages line the waterfront that winds through Limerick and the city feels like a patch between Dublin and Galway, making it a great place to discover the rich history of the Irish working class and its rich cultural heritage. Similar to Lim Frederick, one of the best things to do in Cork City is the historic market, the English market.

Limerick is the third largest economy after Dublin and Cork, giving it a small town feel with everything you could possibly need. Limerick pubs among the best in Ireland And if you're looking for a pub and looking for one, it's not too short. There are many great pubs in the city with a wide selection of beer and wine, and there is no shortage of restaurants, bars, cafes, restaurants and bars to choose from as well as a variety of shops and restaurants.

If you want to learn and experience something about Limerick, there are many beautiful villages to discover. The Crescent is located on Dooradoyle Road in Limrickland, you will find Bunratty Folk Park and you can even recreate the old town square with its old buildings and historic buildings. Another village in Limerick that is worth a visit is Newton Pery, which is the main centre of Limerick. A guided tour of the Old Town Square and the historic Town Hall will also give you the chance to learn about the history of Limerick.

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