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County Limerick is located on the west coast of Ireland and is a popular place for holidaymakers during the summer months. July, August and June are the most pleasant months, January and February being the most unpleasant months, but it is one of the essential destinations in Ireland. Get the most out of a short trip to Limerick with our guide to Ireland's best Western hotels and resorts.

Limerick City Hotel has been designed with beautiful views of the city centre and surrounding area. It has been rated by travellers in Limerick as one of the best hotels and resorts for holidaymakers in Ireland.

There is free parking for all guests, making it one of the best hotels in Limerick, and it has been consistently rated as the best hotel in the city. It is in a great location, within walking distance of all the major attractions of Limerick and right next to its best place to stay, with a beautiful view of Cork city centre and its surroundings.

Limerick has a number of other major attractions you may want to visit, such as Limerick Castle, the National Museum of Ireland and the National Park of Ireland. Sights in the city centre include Cork city centre, Cork Castle and the University of Cork, as well as some of Cork's other major tourist attractions.

In County Limerick, you can also visit the National Museum of Ireland and the Irish Air Force Flying Museum. Kerry Airport is connected to Farranfore Station and passengers can travel via the airport to Limrickland, Killarney, Farransfore and Tralee, where trains run to County Kerry via Cork, Cork City and Cork Airport.

The remaining Dublin-Limerick route requires passengers to change trains at Ballybrophy station and continue to Waterford or change trains to Dublin / Cork. Due to speed restrictions, the alternative Dublin-Limerick route from Limrick Junction can take up to 60 minutes longer than the more direct route, as it is diverted to Bally Brophy. The alternative to a transfer means passengers have to change trains at Lim Frederick Junction or at Balybrophie stations in Dublin or Cork.

If you're planning a visit to Limerick and are looking for a place to start, here are some of the best Limerick hotels that offer good room service. If you want to continue into the city, you can make some good day trips to and from Limerick.

Four-star hotels in Limerick are also popular, as the water is just a few steps from the city centre and you have a magnificent view of the water.

It is one of Ireland's main airports and the only one in the country with direct flights to and from Dublin, Cork, Galway and Cork City. Dublin Coach offers an M7 Express service from Arthur's Quay to Dublin and Ennis. JJ Kavanagh also offers a Dublin Limerick service via Arthur's, Quayside. Bus Eireann has also introduced a Limerick to Gimmer Express service on the M18. There are a number of routes that can be started from the city and all of them follow the same routes as the Limericks Express, the Munster Express and the Dublin Express.

According to, Absolute Limerick is one of the top rated hotels in terms of user reviews. The three-star hotel is one of the best hotels in Limrickland, according to Bookings. com users.

The boutique hotel has 81 Ashford Castle, a medieval Victorian castle that has been expanded over the centuries and transformed into a five-star luxury hotel.

Tripadvisor has a large list of restaurants, making it one of the most popular hotels in the country. Limerick is part of the Cork - Limrickland - Galway corridor, which has a population of over 1 million. The region includes Cork, Cork City and Galways, with the focus on the historic city centre and a number of hotels and restaurants. Several local newspapers are published in this city, including the Limerick Post and the Limerick Leader, and magazines such as the Irish Times, Cork Evening Post, Ireland Today and Irish Daily Mail.

Tripadvisor has found a large list of restaurants and hotels in Limerick as well as a number of hotels and restaurants in the city centre, and you can also find a wide selection of local restaurants, bars and pubs in this city. For more information about restaurants in and outside Limerick and County Limrickland, see our guide to restaurants, shopping and dining in Limerick. Tripadvisors has found the best hotels for dining and shopping in Cork, Galway, Cork City and Galways in Ireland.

First we show the places that match, followed by the best places to live in Limerick (ON), sorted by the livability score.

Newtown Pery was built in the late 18th century under the Unification Act and laid out on a grid plan, unusual for an Irish town and unique for Limerick.

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