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This year's Cultural Night 2020 will take place on Friday, 18 September, with artists and cultural organisations from the city and county planning their plans. Limerick Arts Office hopes the most comprehensive programme of events ever staged on the site as part of the annual initiative will demonstrate the potential for a new generation of artists, artists "organisations and the arts in the county. We have it all, "as we celebrate the magical journey of this campaign with a series of special events, exhibitions, workshops, performances, events and more.

So join in, plan your evening, read what's available, visit www.limerick - i.e. / www - culturenight, go and celebrate the culture of our community.

This summer, in Limerick, we will be looking at the University of Limerick, which is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the best universities in Ireland for its research and teaching. At the highest level, it is the embedding of award-winning research - the Science Foundation of Ireland and the Irish Institute of Technology (IIT). Irish culture, the history of our city and why we are a city of culture in autumn.

The Irish Chamber Orchestra is based at the University of Limerick, home to the Limerick Institute of Technology (IIT), one of the world's most prestigious research institutes. It is a centre for the study of music, music history and art in the city.

Celtic folklore and mythology are unprecedented, and their collective expertise spans a wide range of disciplines, from music and literature to art and history. They have made extraordinary contributions to humanity and played a major role in the renaissance taking place in Limerick.

This dynamic has never been more evident than at the Cultural Night and we also like to hear from international students who are in Ireland and like to recommend places to visit and places to see. Deegan said: "Limerick has shown the importance of culture to build trust in its place as we celebrate artists, designers and innovators. She said that "the night of culture is an opportunity for artists and creative spaces to share their passion and belief in the power of culture and to present Limerick as a rich and rewarding place for that culture." She said: "The dynamism of Ireland's cultural heritage, the diversity of our people and the vibrant cultural life of our city.

The Cultural Night is always great fun and offers the region the opportunity to showcase the cultural richness that Limerick has to offer. There is no doubt that our demographic development makes an important and valued contribution to our city.

Limerick Dance ( is a support and development organisation based in the city centre with a strong focus on art, music, dance and music education. The only series of slums in Ireland is in the National Museum of Irish Music in St Patrick's Square, the oldest building in Limerick still in operation. For over 150 years, the company, founded by Randall's in Limericks, has adorned the historic buildings of Old Town Hall and the Royal College of Art, both in Dublin.

It is one of Ireland's archaeological and historical jewels, surrounded by exceptional natural beauty. It is a historic city and hosts a wealth of buildings and venues that open the doors to the public for a wide range of events. In County Limerick we offer the best events programme in the city centre and there is an excellent selection of cultural events and events for the whole community.

We recently prepared a bid for the European Capital of Culture 2020 and, in fact, our commitment to tradition has made Limerick the second most popular candidate for the European Capital of Culture 2020, surpassed only by Dublin, a charming city about an hour and a half north. The city itself is home to a rich artistic heritage, which can be found in the city centre and in many of its historic buildings and venues. Irish heritage and is a great example of what it means to be Irish, with its rich history and cultural heritage.

Maigue, the poet, evidently had the ability to pass Limerick and other poetry from one generation to the next, a skill that seemed beyond his days. The Irish village poet Maigue created sound works in the early 19th century, beginning in Limericks. Moore, another early 19th-century Irish poet who lived in London for most of her life, wrote about the limerick-Irish connection she brought to London.

You will want to know more about transport, which is one of the most important aspects of Limerick's cultural history, both in Ireland and in the United States.

First of all, the St Patrick's Day parade is one of the largest in Ireland, along with Dublin. The region also has other major festivals, including the Limerick International Film Festival and the Irish Festival of Arts and Culture.

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